1. It was Christmas eve in a big house in New York City where three kids lived there.Briania Dace  , AJ Cinder and the oldest of them all James Crystal. 
  2.   He had a good thoughts in his minds and he would tell them story about Christmas every year but this year wasn’t the year they wanted.

                   December 24 2016  
           The kids was watching the birds fly 10 times. “Man I’m so bored. New York city has nothing to do thats so fun. “AJ said ,”We need some fun around here ” “But we can’t because we’ll foster kids ” James said  as he was holding a necklace  which is only things of his mother,”We never get president just books !”

     Then , he heard footsteps up the roof. It was slowly walking out of there. Then 5 warriors came braking out the window wanting James’s necklace. But when Briania put her hand up she moved them out the house.  

    She didn’t no what was going to happen. But then three little guys with porty ears came and blasted dust on them. They went around the kids and they were disappearing and getting out the house. Time froze on Christmas Eve. “Where are we going to ?” James said ,”To the north pole “a little man said ,”To the north pole. 


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    I am a boy who has a dream to be the best writer ever

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